Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I have symptoms of allergy developing later in life ?

    Allergic symptoms can develop any time in life. Though the symptoms are commonly seen developing during childhood and continuing in adulthood, but it can develop for the first time in adults also which we call late onset allergy. Moreover, symptoms of anaphylaxis or SJS/TENS can be the first symptom of allergy in adults.

  • Do the allergy tests and treatment of allergy give any benefit ?

    Allergy is a chronic illness which can affect many organ system. Timely identification and treatment of this disease can prevent progression of the disease and occurrence of fatal complications suddenly.

  • Both I and my wife is suffering from allergic disease. How can we it from occurring in our unborn child?

    If both parents has allergy, there is 50% chance that the child will also suffer from one or the other allergic disease. We can adopt some measures which can reduce the chance of occurrence like adopting vaginal delivery, exclusive breast feeding for 4 months and giving the colostrum to the child, early introduction of allergenic foods from 4 months of age, keeping the skin of the child moist with the use of various moisturisers, having a dog in home from before pregnancy, none of the parents should smoke, having balanced Indian diet, allowing the child to play in field etc.

  • Can anyone die of allergy ?

    Severe allergic diseases like anaphylaxis, angioedema, SJS/TENS, severe asthma caries high mortality rate